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A Message from The FM Band

March 12th started out as a gig day for the members of FM. But because this new virus with the funny name was beginning to muscle in on our corner of the world, people were just starting to feel squeamish about gathering in tight spaces. At that point no official announcements had been made or rules in force restricting any public gatherings. After taking a straw poll of the band, some were anxious but willing to play, some were against it, and others were "rock-and-roll man"...let's play. Accordingly, we cancelled that evening's gig at KJ Farrells, but not without some hand wringing.

Later that very same day, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, all of Broadway, and other major organizations announced cessation of operations. The speed with which events unfolded just from the beginning of that day to the end was breathtaking. And each successive day seemed to follow a similar script.

So here we are, sheltering in place, quarantining, and worrying about our futures... gigging seems such a distant memory, and an extravagant luxury. But it's not a luxury, it's a necessity. It's the very definition of communal experience and joyful expression. And you can be sure that as soon as the coast is clear, FM will come charging back. After 23 years of making music together, we're not gonna let a teeny bug with a dopey name stop the music.

We wish Kevin and the staff at KJ Farrells strength and good fortune during the shutdown. When things reopen, please give him your exuberant support. We know we will. See ya at the next gig!

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