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janet montalbo vocals


Janet joined the vocal lineup of FM in 2014 when Mark Bonder called her to work as a sub.  Since then she has been working pretty steadily with the band.  Her vocal style blends right in with the band as she has been singing Jazz, R&B and pop as a professional for 30+ years.

Janet was influenced by Jazz and R&B in the very early stages of her life by her mother, an avid listener and her father, a Jazz Vocalist and Bassist.


She learned to play music by age 8 on the accordion.  At the age of 20 she went on to study voice and music theory at Jersey City State College for 2 years and soon was out on the road making a living as a professional vocalist.


She continues her singing career as a professional vocalist to the present time with 2 released CDs under her belt.  She can be found on FACEBOOK and REVERBNATION.

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